Friday, May 12, 2006

Say 'tata' to work...

Yay!!! i m not working already...

Last day of work. What happen?

Well, 5 of us.. Charlie, Izan, Shanice, Sharon and me went to JJ. We had secret recipe for lunch. And after our meal, we ordered cake. Choc banana, mango delight and oreo chesse. And well, i posted that they didnt smashed cream on me.. but.. this very naughty Izan who is already 2 kids mum took the mango delight cream and *piak* the cream was on the left side of my face. Well, it just got some very cold feel.. After that, this Sharon also took 1 spoon of cream and smashed on me.. =.=" And they said that's the way to make me remember them.. but anyway.. Thanks a lot for the 4 of them..

Maybeline lipstick.. my very 1st lipstick i guess.. hehe.. they said: 'so next time when you make up must remember us oh...' hehe...

This is an Abloy padlock keychain, thanks to izan i got this. hehe..

And that's me of course.. at my work place..

That's all... my work just end here.. and study coming soon lor... yay! hehe..

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Farewell Lunch

I had been working as temporary receptionist + store's and HR's helper since 6th of Feb, and today was my 2nd last day...

My dear colleagues had organised a farewell lunch for me and another colleague who is going to leave the office soon.. We had quite a simple lunch i supposed, which is Domino pizza and a cake.

Before lunch time, well.. lunch time is from 12.30pm-1.30pm, Izan (one of my colleague) asked me to go to her place. And so i did. She gave me a lipstick, it's from Charlie, Sharon, Shanice and herself, thanks a lot girls!!!!!! Izan helped me to put some make up, and changed my hairstyle also, thank you..

Erm, i was kind of worried for the farewell actually.. The day before this farewell lunch, some of my 'dear' colleagues said will buy some very 'nice' cream to smashed on me!!! O_o 'They should be joking right?' i thought. 'But they looks really serious wor..' and i thought again.. Oh well, dont bother lar.. hehe..

And of course, i am save away from cream, haha... But, a bit shocked when they asked for a 'speech' from me. I was a bit nervous maybe, hehe.. So i end up saying thank you to everyone. Ok now, 2nd speech... Special thanks to...
---Emily(oops, Auntie Emily i mean..)---the person who intro this job to me
---Lean aka boss---the person who hired me
---Janet---the person who thought me a lot about being a receptionist
---Charlie, Izan, Shanice, Sharon, Wai Khan---girls gang who teman me for lunch
---Chow, Chew, Khairul---guys gang who teman me for lunch
---Charlie, Janet, Lynn, Noor---who relief me for my lunch time
Anyway, thanks to everyone who had teman me through out these days...

Some photos now..
me and Charlie, the 2nd youngest girl in the office.. pretty but not available for now, haha...

Shanice and me, she's the very 'sien' acc girl, hehe.. she's not available now too..

That's all for now!


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bad day..

Oh well, today doesnt seems a good day for me..

It's like everything going wrong. The timing is wrong, the place is wrong, the people is wrong.. haih... All i can say i just 'haih...', 'haih...' and still... 'haih...'

Form6 will start at 15th of May, and i still not confirmed if i get into it! Erm.. i'll probably know by Monday. If i get in, i have to buy uniforms and stuff, which is quite rushing, cause i dont have time to buy it until 12th May! And if i get into it, where will i do my Form6? Chong Hwa? Did i got the choice to choose which school to enter? Haih.. Dont think so.. What will my Form6 be? Suffering? Fun?(dont think it'll be fun lar...) For now.. Just hope that i'll get into Form6.

Anyway, Mother's day is coming. Today we had a practise at church. The Youths is going to have a skit on the mother's day dinner, which is next week. Well, we work quite well in the skit i think. But people like us nowadays are way too busy, as i mentioned up there, everything is not in the right timing. Ya, we do had our practise, but still it's not a proper one, because not everyone who supposed to be in the skit are there. Oh well, perhaps the time for practise is not right. But if not on that time, when is the right time? And we only have a week ahead! Dont we all realised that? Or maybe we all think that we can do it on that day well, so we didn't take it seriously on the practise? Oh well, really sorry if i sort of like yelled or scolded you(you as in those who are in the practise), i was feeling a bit annoying i think.. Oh, sorry anyway..

Oh, talking about Mother's day, had you all buy anything for your mum? Opps.. I haven't got anything for my mum, but i got some ideas in my minds, hehe.. But remember it's not that the gift would make your mum happy or what. It is your love towards them..

God bless.. tata..