Thursday, April 20, 2006

Man with 10 wives jailed for rape

Had you all read the news on 'The Sun', Thurs April 20 2006?

Well, there's this 45 year old Singaporean. He had 10 wives! 4 legal wives and 6 'contractual' wives. He had 64 children, 33 sons and 31 daughters, range in age from 9 months to 16 years. Oh and he's sentenced to 32 years in jail adn ordered to be given 24 strokes of the cane for raping 5 of his underage daughters!!!!

He's a religious teacher, but... he told he's wives that as a father, he had complete ownership over his children, including the right to have sex with them!!!!! Then the wives act as messenger some more, tell the daughters to meet their father in his bedroom to have sex with him!!!!! And end up 2 girls became pregnant and had to have abortions!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How come got such person on earth!!! He should be hang and shoot to dead!!!!!!! That is what my mum and me thought of, hehe..

for guys
Please love your wive truly. One and only wive!
Please don't treat your future daughter like that!! Don't ever!!

for girls
Please dont get marry with this kind of guys! better still be single!
Please dont send your daughter to your husband's room!! Don't ever!!

Well, thank God that we all have a normal family!!! And dont forget to pray that you'll have a normal family also!! God Bless.. tata..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

11th Apr---Uncle Gan's so called surprise b'day party..

Why got this birhtday party...

Last Saturday, we played this new chair game (ahem ahem... i m the one who lead that game, hehe..), and we, well, actually it was mon who noticed that Uncle Gan's birthday is on 11th April which is a holiday (i LOVE holiday!!!). Oh well, Last Sunday, mon, matt, ann, lemuel and myself had lunch at Secret Recipe. And we talked about pink shirt and thinking who's birthday is coming, so mon said 'Uncle Gan!'. And so, the idea of having a birthday party for him came out.

So.. we plan and plan and plan...

11th April---Uncle Gan's 45th Birthday(now everyone who read this will know how young is Uncle Gan, haha...)

Early morning around 10am (well, for me it's early..), i followed mon, matt and uncle Eric to Ampang Point to buy some stuff, bread, tuna, eggs and mayonnaise. And when we went to the car and went in the car... 'ARGH....' Mon close her door without knowing that my hand was there!! My thumb hurts.. Luckily mon got plaster, if not... my thumb will be more painful.

Oh, sandwich!! I have to cut the onion, because mon and matt will 'cry' when they cut onion, still.. matt have to help me cut, cause he's too free while waiting for he boiled his eggs, haha!!! Mon escaped cause she was busy putting margarine. And so.. The sandwich is done! Ingredients of sandwiches---tuna(2 different brand mixed together), eggs(hard boiled and half hard boiled mixed together), bread, margarine, onions, pepper, sugar, salt... haha..

Off we go!! To the Gan's!!! Well, it was not really surprise, cause Uncle Gan suspected when Aunt Mei Er prepared so much food, haha.. And he went to shaved and wore he's contact lense, haha... Well, we had lots of makan tme there. The guys had their ping pong time. And the football game thing which i don't remember what is that called, haha... Oh, and basketball..

Well, it was a nice day, right? well.. Happy Birthday Uncle Gan!!! May God bless you! By the way, it's fun having you in YA! haha... -the end-