Sunday, March 26, 2006

Who is Jesus to you?

Girls Night In-25th March 2006

Basically we talked about 'Who is Jesus to you?' And some of us came out with the same answer, and some are different...

  • A very CLOSE friend, who you can talk to Him freely.
  • A friend that is ALWAYS there for you, when ever you need Him.
  • A friend that KNOWS you very well.
  • A Saviour, who died for you because He LOVES you.
  • A protector, who PROTECT you when you are in times of trouble.
  • A source of strength, where you feel GREAT power flowing in you, and you know is Him.
  • A Father, who you can LEARN a lot of things from Him.
  • Everything, as in He's IN CONTROL of all things, and all the things on earth belongs to Him.

Above are some of the answers we came out at that night, and we shared other stuff too. And through this Girls Night In, all of the girls learn a lot from each others and all stories that we shared had actually encouraged everyone. For more information, just join the Girls Night In, but for you boys out there, too bad lar .. Hehe..

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