Sunday, March 19, 2006

1st blog

Very first blog...

And i got no idea why i trouble myself again as i add another blog here while i didn't really blog. i suppose cause of dis very cute n pretty clone... haha... (you should know who you are, ahem..)

Today, i realise that friend are really important. Someone said this before (i forgotten who's that person) 'Pray that you have one true best friend, rather than you have a lots of friend.' But nowadays i seems to got a lot of best friend, from church of cos... well i think when we were in the same religion, we can share freely to each others, we seems to really trust each others, don't we girls?! (this proof when there's a sleepover and all the deep deep secrets burst out!!! haha...)

Well, friends are important i believe, but don't make it more important than your own family or rather God, as we know He's a jealous God (correct me if i'm wrong, i'm not really that good in bible knowledge or what ever) But i think, as christians, it's good to have a prayer partner, where you can share problems and pray for each others, this some how can show care and love to others. So, find one now, if you don't have one yet, and of course, you can have more than 1 i suppose... hehe...

Anyway, thanks a lot for those who really love me and is there for me whenever i need!!! Especially those girls in YA!, so glad to know you girls!!!

anyway, feel so sad that weekends just ends like this... and i have to go back to work!!! haih... i got 1 and a half month to suffer for work some more... good luck to those who going back to schools, wish you all have less homework?haha... tata lor...

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[n] said...

Blog more more more!!
hehe *grinns!*

Yeap yeap,
I do agree that it's important to have good friends especially of the same believe.

Grow together, support each other and able to trust one another.