Monday, December 25, 2006


On 16th Dec, a bunch of us went for a movie at Mid Valley, 'Eragon'. It was a nice movie.. haha.. The most important thing i would like to share is.. Sitting next to priscilla in a cinema is really a fun time.. hehe... or i suppose sitting besides pris's friends also very funny, right ann? And thanks a lot to jeremy, we took some photos too! =)

This are the poser.. SS-ers.. hehe...

See.. i told you guys there are poser aka SS-ers.. hehe..

This is how the Mid Valley Centre Court looks like on this year's christmas.

And these are the bunch of us who went for 'Eragon'..

And plus.. Me, Ann and Matt are so donk donk that we decided to walked to Bangsar LRT station all the way from Mid Valley. I tell you guys, it's really very tiring... =s I told myself this is the 1st and also the last time..

Me and ann, were so buzy at that night.. We run up and down, left and right, crosses small road and big roads............. just to get our 'messenger' thingy done.. and yup! it's done... wohooo!!!

'The Messengers.....Alicia, Deborah, Elise, Eunice, Evon, Siaw Lin, Tabitha'

That's all for 16th dec!! =)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

trips n trips n more coming soon... [2]

What's next after Pangkor? back to KL... hehe...

1st we went to visit.. the very very old musuem.. well the last time i was here was... erm... during my primary school days.. or perhaps still in pre-school.. haha....

us, ravern, me, lai heong and lai yan.. n a train..

The museum.. quite bored.. They show the different cultures of different races in Malaysia.. And they sort of make new things and add more stuff in musuem, it seems to be bigger than last time...

Next we went to the planetarium. And again it was closed. I went there 3 times before. 1st time was when i was quite young with my parents, 2nd was with my family and an old friend of mine. 3rd was this time then. Every single time i went it was closed... =.="

this is a sculpture symbolises space and time. Time is portrayed through smooth flowing lines while space is depicted by the position of the spheres representing the planets. The Arabic numbers denote man's endeavour in understanding the universe.

Then we also went to Tugu Negara and Orchid Farm..=)

Okay! that's all for KL trip... Coming up next.. the Malacca trip... =)


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

trips n trips n more coming soon...


Since i'm so bored.. hehe... i'l blog bout my trip... i went to pangkor with my family n two of my friends during d Raya holiday, oh ya, with my grandma along. Ya right, it's Malay's Raya but v also Raya.. hahaha...

yup.. that's my little brother, kavern at the jetty..

And we reached there and we had lots of fun time together.

they welcome us!! ^^

And erm... let me see... oh yea, we went for swimming in d pool(except me and you guess why huh?) and playing at the beach..

in the pool

playing sands as you can see..

posing in the beach.. nice pose huh?

haha.. trying to draw pictures before the waves come on wipe it off

Last photo to add on is the photo of my mum n grandma.. since they're not in here yet.. =p..

Well, i love holiday!!! ^^.. coming up next it's the KL trip.. hehe...

cyaz =)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rain & Rainbow

Rain.. In a very simple way.. it means.. Water from the sky which drops on the Earth..

Rainbow.. In a very simple way also.. it means.. erm.. this is a bit hard.. but i'll try.. It simply means a semi circle line which have seven colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple) which appears after the rain.

We are just human being. We suffers. Different people suffer differently. But surely.. everyone single person would suffer.. Like how Jesus suffer on Earth.. This is the part where we human being should go through, only when we go through what Jesus had go through, then only we'll know what's suffering.

But as we suffers along our life, we grow.. As we grow, we learn.. We learn to appreciate the people around us, our family, our love one, our friend, our enemies perhaps.. We learn to appreciate the things around us, the sun who bring us warmth, or even smaller things like handphones! =p So look it in a positive way, suffering bring us benefits too uh? hehe...

The rain will come, but sooner or later, the rain will stop to fall..
The sufferings will come, but sooner or later, the sufferings will stop too..

The rainbow will always be there after the rain, when the sun comes out.. You guys might say, 'well, i dont see rainbow every single time!'. My friend.. Look positively, look carefully.. there is a rainbow.. It all depends on you.. You yourself, whether you want to see the rainbow or not.. So, now what? It's all up to you!


There's always a rainbow after the rain..
There's always joy after the suffering..


Prayer items

Someone send me this message..

'oh, just want to ask. Any prayer items?'

OMG... I usually dont really think about it.. And now when i really think about it.. there's A LOT!!

1. Pray that i'll love God as Duet 6:5 commands..
'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.-Dueteronomy 6:5'.
Everyone claims to love God but claiming is a thing, and whether you really do it, whether you really love Him is another thing.

2. Pray that i'll love my enemy, or perhaps people i dont like, i hate... well.. people who i dont love..
'But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you-Matthew 5:44'
Yup.. Love my enemy.. Well.. Enemies i suppose.. See it works out so true you know? as in it wriiten there 'enemies' but not 'enemy'. I can list it out, i got lots of enemy, well maybe not, just people who i dont like or dont love.. well.. enemies.. Enemies dont mean people who i dont love or people who i dont love is not my enemy supposingly right? Ya, i had successfully confused myself.. And i hate hating people, i fell so so guilty where i am a christian should love my enemies but i continue hating them.. Argh.. Anyway... But... Hallo!!! it's not easy k? well i suppose it's not easy for everyone ya?

Well.. these are some of it.. just a part of my prayer items ya my dear.. (the dear i'm addressing to is the person who asked if i got any prayer request, you know who you are..=) )

I dont expect you guys out there to pray for me in a specific way by listing out all my prayer items.. Just pray that i'l pray about my prayer item ya? hehe... but if you dont mind, please do so to pray for me.. i found it more 'powerful' if someone out there do pray for me.. =) thank you...

tata... =)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Say 'tata' to work...

Yay!!! i m not working already...

Last day of work. What happen?

Well, 5 of us.. Charlie, Izan, Shanice, Sharon and me went to JJ. We had secret recipe for lunch. And after our meal, we ordered cake. Choc banana, mango delight and oreo chesse. And well, i posted that they didnt smashed cream on me.. but.. this very naughty Izan who is already 2 kids mum took the mango delight cream and *piak* the cream was on the left side of my face. Well, it just got some very cold feel.. After that, this Sharon also took 1 spoon of cream and smashed on me.. =.=" And they said that's the way to make me remember them.. but anyway.. Thanks a lot for the 4 of them..

Maybeline lipstick.. my very 1st lipstick i guess.. hehe.. they said: 'so next time when you make up must remember us oh...' hehe...

This is an Abloy padlock keychain, thanks to izan i got this. hehe..

And that's me of course.. at my work place..

That's all... my work just end here.. and study coming soon lor... yay! hehe..

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Farewell Lunch

I had been working as temporary receptionist + store's and HR's helper since 6th of Feb, and today was my 2nd last day...

My dear colleagues had organised a farewell lunch for me and another colleague who is going to leave the office soon.. We had quite a simple lunch i supposed, which is Domino pizza and a cake.

Before lunch time, well.. lunch time is from 12.30pm-1.30pm, Izan (one of my colleague) asked me to go to her place. And so i did. She gave me a lipstick, it's from Charlie, Sharon, Shanice and herself, thanks a lot girls!!!!!! Izan helped me to put some make up, and changed my hairstyle also, thank you..

Erm, i was kind of worried for the farewell actually.. The day before this farewell lunch, some of my 'dear' colleagues said will buy some very 'nice' cream to smashed on me!!! O_o 'They should be joking right?' i thought. 'But they looks really serious wor..' and i thought again.. Oh well, dont bother lar.. hehe..

And of course, i am save away from cream, haha... But, a bit shocked when they asked for a 'speech' from me. I was a bit nervous maybe, hehe.. So i end up saying thank you to everyone. Ok now, 2nd speech... Special thanks to...
---Emily(oops, Auntie Emily i mean..)---the person who intro this job to me
---Lean aka boss---the person who hired me
---Janet---the person who thought me a lot about being a receptionist
---Charlie, Izan, Shanice, Sharon, Wai Khan---girls gang who teman me for lunch
---Chow, Chew, Khairul---guys gang who teman me for lunch
---Charlie, Janet, Lynn, Noor---who relief me for my lunch time
Anyway, thanks to everyone who had teman me through out these days...

Some photos now..
me and Charlie, the 2nd youngest girl in the office.. pretty but not available for now, haha...

Shanice and me, she's the very 'sien' acc girl, hehe.. she's not available now too..

That's all for now!


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bad day..

Oh well, today doesnt seems a good day for me..

It's like everything going wrong. The timing is wrong, the place is wrong, the people is wrong.. haih... All i can say i just 'haih...', 'haih...' and still... 'haih...'

Form6 will start at 15th of May, and i still not confirmed if i get into it! Erm.. i'll probably know by Monday. If i get in, i have to buy uniforms and stuff, which is quite rushing, cause i dont have time to buy it until 12th May! And if i get into it, where will i do my Form6? Chong Hwa? Did i got the choice to choose which school to enter? Haih.. Dont think so.. What will my Form6 be? Suffering? Fun?(dont think it'll be fun lar...) For now.. Just hope that i'll get into Form6.

Anyway, Mother's day is coming. Today we had a practise at church. The Youths is going to have a skit on the mother's day dinner, which is next week. Well, we work quite well in the skit i think. But people like us nowadays are way too busy, as i mentioned up there, everything is not in the right timing. Ya, we do had our practise, but still it's not a proper one, because not everyone who supposed to be in the skit are there. Oh well, perhaps the time for practise is not right. But if not on that time, when is the right time? And we only have a week ahead! Dont we all realised that? Or maybe we all think that we can do it on that day well, so we didn't take it seriously on the practise? Oh well, really sorry if i sort of like yelled or scolded you(you as in those who are in the practise), i was feeling a bit annoying i think.. Oh, sorry anyway..

Oh, talking about Mother's day, had you all buy anything for your mum? Opps.. I haven't got anything for my mum, but i got some ideas in my minds, hehe.. But remember it's not that the gift would make your mum happy or what. It is your love towards them..

God bless.. tata..

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Man with 10 wives jailed for rape

Had you all read the news on 'The Sun', Thurs April 20 2006?

Well, there's this 45 year old Singaporean. He had 10 wives! 4 legal wives and 6 'contractual' wives. He had 64 children, 33 sons and 31 daughters, range in age from 9 months to 16 years. Oh and he's sentenced to 32 years in jail adn ordered to be given 24 strokes of the cane for raping 5 of his underage daughters!!!!

He's a religious teacher, but... he told he's wives that as a father, he had complete ownership over his children, including the right to have sex with them!!!!! Then the wives act as messenger some more, tell the daughters to meet their father in his bedroom to have sex with him!!!!! And end up 2 girls became pregnant and had to have abortions!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How come got such person on earth!!! He should be hang and shoot to dead!!!!!!! That is what my mum and me thought of, hehe..

for guys
Please love your wive truly. One and only wive!
Please don't treat your future daughter like that!! Don't ever!!

for girls
Please dont get marry with this kind of guys! better still be single!
Please dont send your daughter to your husband's room!! Don't ever!!

Well, thank God that we all have a normal family!!! And dont forget to pray that you'll have a normal family also!! God Bless.. tata..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

11th Apr---Uncle Gan's so called surprise b'day party..

Why got this birhtday party...

Last Saturday, we played this new chair game (ahem ahem... i m the one who lead that game, hehe..), and we, well, actually it was mon who noticed that Uncle Gan's birthday is on 11th April which is a holiday (i LOVE holiday!!!). Oh well, Last Sunday, mon, matt, ann, lemuel and myself had lunch at Secret Recipe. And we talked about pink shirt and thinking who's birthday is coming, so mon said 'Uncle Gan!'. And so, the idea of having a birthday party for him came out.

So.. we plan and plan and plan...

11th April---Uncle Gan's 45th Birthday(now everyone who read this will know how young is Uncle Gan, haha...)

Early morning around 10am (well, for me it's early..), i followed mon, matt and uncle Eric to Ampang Point to buy some stuff, bread, tuna, eggs and mayonnaise. And when we went to the car and went in the car... 'ARGH....' Mon close her door without knowing that my hand was there!! My thumb hurts.. Luckily mon got plaster, if not... my thumb will be more painful.

Oh, sandwich!! I have to cut the onion, because mon and matt will 'cry' when they cut onion, still.. matt have to help me cut, cause he's too free while waiting for he boiled his eggs, haha!!! Mon escaped cause she was busy putting margarine. And so.. The sandwich is done! Ingredients of sandwiches---tuna(2 different brand mixed together), eggs(hard boiled and half hard boiled mixed together), bread, margarine, onions, pepper, sugar, salt... haha..

Off we go!! To the Gan's!!! Well, it was not really surprise, cause Uncle Gan suspected when Aunt Mei Er prepared so much food, haha.. And he went to shaved and wore he's contact lense, haha... Well, we had lots of makan tme there. The guys had their ping pong time. And the football game thing which i don't remember what is that called, haha... Oh, and basketball..

Well, it was a nice day, right? well.. Happy Birthday Uncle Gan!!! May God bless you! By the way, it's fun having you in YA! haha... -the end-

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Who is Jesus to you?

Girls Night In-25th March 2006

Basically we talked about 'Who is Jesus to you?' And some of us came out with the same answer, and some are different...

  • A very CLOSE friend, who you can talk to Him freely.
  • A friend that is ALWAYS there for you, when ever you need Him.
  • A friend that KNOWS you very well.
  • A Saviour, who died for you because He LOVES you.
  • A protector, who PROTECT you when you are in times of trouble.
  • A source of strength, where you feel GREAT power flowing in you, and you know is Him.
  • A Father, who you can LEARN a lot of things from Him.
  • Everything, as in He's IN CONTROL of all things, and all the things on earth belongs to Him.

Above are some of the answers we came out at that night, and we shared other stuff too. And through this Girls Night In, all of the girls learn a lot from each others and all stories that we shared had actually encouraged everyone. For more information, just join the Girls Night In, but for you boys out there, too bad lar .. Hehe..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

which way to go?

Haih... missed school life.. missed all my friends.. Maybe some don't really agree with me that school was so fun. But, people who are younger than me, until you leave school, you'll say something like... 'how i wish i'm still in school life!' hehe...

i suppose, and it is a must, that everyone need 2 grow up. As you grow up, you need to learn how to make decision. Decision as in a good and maybe the best decision that wont bring you to the negative side. And the scary part was 1 decision will bring you to anther decision and so on, so it's hard to make decision..

Well, for me it's like decision of choosing what should i do next for now. My studies, which way should i go? Form6? Or others? Then if i choose form6, which subjects should i take? Which school should i study? Then after my form6, apply for local uni, which uni should i apply? What course shold i choose? If not doing form6, which way should i go? haha.. lots of questions will automatically come to my mind, over and over... Anyway, i'm going to see my counsellor teacher and she suppose to give me good advise and maybe counsel me? hehe..

ok.. let's grow up together ok?

Oh before i say 'tata'.. There's a joke here, from my dear youngest brother.. Last night, me and my family was watching the badminton match which Malaysia vs England, and Malysia won and got the 1st place. After that, there's a victory ceremony, and it take quite a long time to that ceremony. Then my small brother came out with this question, 'how come they so slow 1?', and everyone said 'don't know'. And he answered himself, 'Oh i know! the somebody cannot find the flag yo!'. Laugh if you understand, just ignore it if you dun understand, or you can ask me, hehe..

OK.. tAtA...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

1st blog

Very first blog...

And i got no idea why i trouble myself again as i add another blog here while i didn't really blog. i suppose cause of dis very cute n pretty clone... haha... (you should know who you are, ahem..)

Today, i realise that friend are really important. Someone said this before (i forgotten who's that person) 'Pray that you have one true best friend, rather than you have a lots of friend.' But nowadays i seems to got a lot of best friend, from church of cos... well i think when we were in the same religion, we can share freely to each others, we seems to really trust each others, don't we girls?! (this proof when there's a sleepover and all the deep deep secrets burst out!!! haha...)

Well, friends are important i believe, but don't make it more important than your own family or rather God, as we know He's a jealous God (correct me if i'm wrong, i'm not really that good in bible knowledge or what ever) But i think, as christians, it's good to have a prayer partner, where you can share problems and pray for each others, this some how can show care and love to others. So, find one now, if you don't have one yet, and of course, you can have more than 1 i suppose... hehe...

Anyway, thanks a lot for those who really love me and is there for me whenever i need!!! Especially those girls in YA!, so glad to know you girls!!!

anyway, feel so sad that weekends just ends like this... and i have to go back to work!!! haih... i got 1 and a half month to suffer for work some more... good luck to those who going back to schools, wish you all have less homework?haha... tata lor...